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Monthly Style Lessons feel better, look put together, gain confidence

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  • Lessons are taught with a series of pictures or a video. Noelle will guide you through each topic, illustrating the concept and how to make it work for you.

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  • While we don't believe in filling your closet with more stuff, if you do want to shop, Noelle's Picks are perfect for you! They are well-edited, stylish and simple pieces that can easily be integrated into your wardrobe. The best part: Now you will know exactly how to wear them!

  • Taking a short quiz is the perfect way to make sure you understand and can incorporate the lessons and style tips into your life! This is what makes The Style Academy much more effective than just reading a blog or magazine article.

what people are saying...

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    "Three times today I was given a compliment on my style! Who doesn't like hearing they look good?! I am loving The Style Academy and can't wait for more lessons!"

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    "I have tried a few new looks with items already in my closet. To my surprise my coworkers showered their compliments on what they thought to be new clothes. I am also becoming a more confident shopper, with a better eye toward the needs of my existing wardrobe. My clothes are less than the fashion plate Nordstrom's offers. However, that's part of the magic of your advice. It works for anyone's wardrobe, be it from Kohl's or Nordstrom's!"

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    "I never would have thought of wearing two pins together. Thanks to Noelle and The Style Academy, I now have more confidence to wear more jewelry! And, of course, no day is complete without the red lip!"